1996 FAA Humanitarian Life Award Recipient

Mike Niehaus was a junior at St. Francis Seminary when it closed in 1980; the following year he graduated from Tri-County Christian High School in Fairfield, Ohio. After serving in the U.S. Air Force in Louisiana, Guam and Hawaii, in 1986 Mike joined Youth With a Mission (YWAM), a group of some 7,000 full-time volunteer missionaries ministering the Gospel from nearly 350 locations in 90 countries. He and his wife Stormie have been members of YWAM since 1983 and together they have worked in Poland, Ireland, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and several cities in the United States. Mike and Stormie seek to bridge the gaps among various Christian groups by emphasizing unity between Catholics and Protestants. Together they have helped train some of 50,000 short-term volunteers who work with YWAM each year. They work with young people in churches and parishes by means of retreats, weekend lock-ins, workshops and seminars. YWAM has evangelism teams as well as groups to help people with addictive behaviors, people with emergency needs and crisis pregnancies. Over the years, Mike spent his YVVAM break times by working with Nelson Tree Service in the Cincinnati area. Mike and Stormie have lived and worked in the inner city of New Orleans since 1994. Mike completed his biblical studies in 1989. "Becoming the Body of Christ" is Mike and Stormie's missionary theme. In 1994 their twins, Jonathan and Michael, were born; son David arrived in 1995.