Saint Anthony Shrine

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Franciscan Archives at Saint Anthony's

Dan Anderson has been working for years to develop and maintain a museum of Franciscan archival information, including books, letters, videos, pictures, paintings, and items of value or historical significance.  Click here to download or view their Necrology of Friars.  It includes obituaries and anecdotes regarding virtually every Saint John Baptist friar who has passed away since the province began.  It's searchable, too. 

The atmosphere in the recently remodeled facility is regulated at a constant humidity and temperature to preserve the archive's treasures.  In the midst of the libraries, computers, multimedia, and "debugging" rooms, Dan manages to make the place feel comfortable like home.  The large glass windows provide a gorgeous view of the field and woods down the hill behind St Anthony's.  Give him a call or click here to send an email message and stop by for a visit sometime!


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