Picnic Day '72

I was looking for additional Glee Club recordings and came across a cassette tape of the Big Chief campaign at SFS, 1972.  If you were there, these audio clips will hopefully bring back pleasant memories.  Even if you weren't there, this stuff is downright funny (opinion).  The main voices you'll hear are of people who are now 1) a major recording artist/composer, 2) a priest, and 3) a pilot for international flights.  These three plus Al Baca on guitar were campaigning for Tom Baca, editor-in-chief of the Brown & White, from Gallup, NM, who was nicknamed "T Box."

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The audio clips are provided here in MP3 format. MP3 reduces file size and download time. You can get a free MP3 player from Winamp.

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Gregg Martinez & Al Baca (623K) in a performance they'd like to forget

Rick McCoy & Albert "Myrtle Tangy" Haase (2.4 MB) in a performance we'd like to forget (?)

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The next day, of course, was Picnic Day.  These are a few excerpts from the '72 talent contest that was held in the evening, under the stars, on the stage in front of the picnic house.  You can hear traffic on Mill Road every now and then.  By the way, two songs from that evening (by Laurence Burkhardt and Mike Giovanetti, respectively) appear on the Ultima II CD.

All in the Family skit which won first place, starring Joe Bessler as Archie, Albert Haase as Edith, Gregg Brunner as Meathead, and others (if you recognize the voices, tell me so they can get the credit they truly deserve)

Jumpers skit featuring several ridiculous freshmen from the class of '75

Car skit featuring Bro. Ricardo and more annoying freshmen

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