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History of the FAA: Part Two

Dennis Kirby

The December 2000 newsletter contained the first in a series of articles on the origins of the FAA.  That first article noted the first FAA reunion took place on May 28, 1989 at the St. Francis Center to test the depth of interest in such an alumni organization.  Those attending the first reunion expressed significant enthusiasm for the concept of a formal association, and as a result, a steering committee was formed to establish the "Franciscan Alumni of St. John the Baptist Province." 

The first newsletter was published in January 1990, containing the introduction and rationale for an FAA organization and articulated its purposes to the 800+  alumni known at that time.  It also contained something that continues today--an appeal for more alumni names and addresses.  Eleven years later, we are still trying to find many "lost" members.   

Another newsletter was sent out in May 1990 and the second FAA reunion was held on June 24, 1990 at St. Francis Center.  Close to 80 people attended that reunion, including Rick Gardner, Joe Buening, Ted Gomez, Frank Zupsic, Leonard Stonestreet, Ken Olson, Jose Garcia, Jerry Weisbrod, Mike Giovanetti, Jim Riddle, Joe Finger, Don Weller, John Lachmann, Kieran Quinn, Claire Quinn, Ron Steinriede, Norb Garman, Christopher Groom, Randy LaFond, Albert Haase, Steve Kaelin, Ron Weeks, Steve Engelhardt, Joe Alig, Dave Jasper, Jim Mahany, Bill

Kennedy, Tom Coors, Paul Statt, and Mike Daly.

In fall of 1990, the steering committee formed the first Board of Directors.  The FAA Board included the following posi

the weekend after Fathers' Day each year.  Class reunions are a big part of each chapter--and the chapters help the classmates find each other.

Finding and keeping addresses of alumni was already a difficult job.  Letters were sent to Franciscan parishes seeking updates on former friars and seminarians.  A press release was sent to various newspapers through out the U.S. on the formation of the FAA.

Job descriptions for the various board offices and positions were approved and communicated. The first budget was set and approved. The fiscal year runs from chapter to chapter in June.  Officers and board members are to be elected at the annual chapter.

The FAA tree was planted at the Center next to the friars' tree.

The association's archives were stored at St. Francis Center.  The FAA archivist position was established.  (FAA archives are now stored at St. Anthony Archives).

An effort was begun to locate men who came through the brothers program.

So ended the first three years of the FAA (1989-1992).  Many of the thoughts, procedures, and actions of the association were established and they continue today.   
Next time:  the middle years.

tions:  chairman, secretary, treasurer, database & search, newsletter, and provincial liaison.  Phil Zepeda from Ann Arbor Michigan was elected the first chairman of the board; Charlie Bullington was the first secretary; George Ski was the first treasurer; Dennis Kirby handled the search & database duties; Tom Keller and Ralph Hatke created the FAA newsletters; and Fr. Silas and Bro. Marcel served as liaisons to the province.

Major Events During 1990-1992

The mission statement was developed:  "The FAA is an organization dedicated to the sharing of our common ideals, experiences, and friendship--and to serve each other, our province, and our world."

The annual reunion name was changed to "The Chapter," and scheduled to be held