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Request for FAA Member Information

We're seeking information about our members for several purposes.  The most important reason is that your classmates and friends would like to hear about you just as you would like to hear what they're up to.  Our association is so strong and connected because we are a family, perhaps closer than many actual family members because of our common ideals and experiences.  When a Franciscan calls another "brother," it means more than just a religious title.  We hope that you will complete some or all of the questions below and send the information to Dennis Kirby, RR 1 Box 60, Towanda, IL 61776
You may also email your response to   
Future newsletters will enable us to share your story with your brothers. 
Thank you very much for your valuable input.

Name:      Postal or e-mail address:

Years with the Franciscans:   Where? 

Tell us about your family:

Your work/profession/interests/activities/ministries:

Additional info (recognitions, accomplishments, perhaps a seminary story)?

Pax et bonum!


Franciscan Alumni Association
2001 Board of Trustees:
Steve Findley, President
Dave Imhoff, Vice-president
Ron Fein, Secretary
Charlie Bullington, 2001 Chapter
Br. David Crank, OFM Liaison
Phil Zepeda, Treasurer
Mike Niklas, Newsletter/Website
Bill Pellman, Member
Dennis Kirby, Member
Jim Beyer, Member