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Brothers' Briefs

Franciscan Alumni Association,
Just letting you know that I enjoyed your last issue much.  I read the little article concerning Vinclere Camp.  I happened to win the contest we had naming the camp.  It all started in 1935 under the direction of Fr. Vincent Kroger--the master of clerics at the time.  So its name is a combination of Vincent and Clerics--"Vinclere."  It was several miles from Howell on Indian Lake.  What memories just its mention bring back.  Thanks again and keep up the good work.
Fr. Noel William, ofm

Wish I could make the reunion.  I have never been to one yet.  Parish work ties you down.  Very hard to get weekend help.  Blessings on
all of you.  We did have a good time those years, didn't we? Fr. Ric
(Editor's note: Fr. Ric Schneider was recently on the front page of the Bloomington, Illinois newspaper.  The article began "After nearly 50 years as a Franciscan, the Rev. Ric Schneider still wears sneakers under his robe.")

Several people relayed regrets about not being able to attend the 2001 Chapter at the former St. Francis Seminary.  Others wrote to say hi and tell us what's going on in their lives.  If you see a familiar name and want to write back, you can find most of them in the email directory of our website.  Here's what they had to say:

I probably cannot attend. I enjoy the newsletter a lot.  Joris Heise

Great job on the newsletter. Will not be able to attend reunion because of other commitments.  Jim Schrepfer

Hello from Denver, Colorado. I'm trying to make arrangements to attend the gathering in Cincinnati, but I still do not know if I will be able to attend due to parish commitments. If I can get out of two weddings, I'm there! Peace, Charlie Martinez, ofm, Denver

Thanks for all your efforts at keeping the contacts going. I often look back to the "Ultima" and think of those days. I'm sure we've all been through a lot since then, and I hope we grow from the experiences.
Hilaire Valiquette

It is unlikely that I will make the trip from Salinas/Prunedale to the
reunion, attractive though that thought may be.  However, if I do find
myself there, I will certainly feel free  to drop by. Thanks for the newsletter and updates.  And the site is terrific!!!
Pax et Bonum,   Walt Bonvillain

I will not be able to attend the reunion at "the farm," since I will have just returned from 3 weeks in Spain. 
Phil Medrano

I cannot get away for the alumni gathering at Mt. Healthy. In July I shall be reassigned to St. John the Baptist Friary in Cincinnati.
Fr. Cyprian

The publication is very good. I probably won't be able to attend the reunion in June, but I'm not quite sure yet.  My job managing this city doesn't let me travel much in June because it's budget time and the Mayor gets bent out of shape if I'm not around to answer questions.  Nice to be needed.
Dennis Coryell '62

If I can stop by I will. I have a wedding rehearsal on Friday evening, an ordination on Saturday morning, and a wedding on Saturday evening.  Hope all is well.  Thanks for your work.
Jeff Scheeler, OFM

I'll be recovering from knee replacement surgery at that time.  If I am
able to drive by that time I might come down, I'll be in Lafayette, Indiana for my therapy.
Joe Nelson

Thanks for the note re the alumni gathering.  I am so old there may be no other I know...I won't be able to make the gathering because of pastoral duties, weddings, etc. 
Peace -all good       
John Turnbull

I can't make the reunion this year. Thanks for all the work and care you and the guys put into the creation of the newsletter.  Peace,
Jeff Taylor

I'm out of the Bhutan and Thailand...will return May 17.
peace and all good,
Jerry Kaelin

Thanks for the reminder and invitation. I won't be able to attend the
reunion this year; I'll be on vacation. I hope it will be a success. Thanks for putting the newsletter online--it's a good idea.
Greg Friedman, OFM

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As far as the reunion, don't count on me.  Friday and Saturday are the busiest days of the week at Skyline Chili, and difficult for me to get away.
Steve Simon
(Editor's note: Steve's classmates threatened to camp out at his restaurant if he wouldn't attend the reunion, so he quickly changed his mind and was at the Farm on Friday night)