Volume 13, Issue 2

Page 6

2001 Reunion!

Dale Recinella, Recipient of
Humanitarian Award

The FAA had no trouble in reaching a unanimous decision for any of the awardees this year. The honoree of the Christian Life Award has followed very closely in the steps of Father Francis in that Dale has eschewed his successful private law practice to work among one of our society's leper colonies, the inmates of death row in Florida.

Dave Imhoff '70 illuminated the Chapter attendees with reasons he has admired Dale since prep days at St. Francis Seminary when two youth from different regions of the U.S. glommed onto one another as friends and parried to discover common grounds of communication. In one instance, Dale, ever instructive, tutored Dave on the fine points of Italian mentioning that his very name, "Dale" was Italian for "small valley." It could be said that Dale now represents a real force in his work in the Florida Penal Corrections system, a valley of life between immovable forces of death in the struggle of crime and punishment.

In his acceptance remarks, Dale described how his clients, his fioretti, live and die like mushrooms in the darkest corners of Florida's maximum security and solitary confinement recesses. In embracing his charges, sometimes Dale only sees eyes or lips… never the whole person, as he serves their spiri

tual needs by administering the Eucharist and shares their pain and suffering.

His thrown-away souls number over 2000 with 900 more waiting in the wings to take their place walking the green mile in the inexorable dirge of their ill-begotten destinies. Dale's quest for humanity involves meeting with Florida's Catholic bishops as well as Gov. Jeb Bush, himself a Catholic, to try to effect a change in the state's treatment of convicted miscreants. Dale believes that many of the condemned lost in the Florida system are, in fact, not debauched evildoers but misplaced mental patients, flotsam and jetsam of Bush budget cuts, or victims of a corrupt system and insidious Klan influence. Dale calls for an out-pouring of prayers and support for the incarcerated on death row, lost forever but for the grace of God and the dedication of Franciscan-inspired men such as Dale Recinella.

Brother Francis Williams, Recipient of Christian Life Award (received on Francis' behalf by Fr. Pat McCloskey)

Brother Francis Williams is almost a reincarnation of founder and namesake, Francis of Assisi, in his diligent pursuit of the Gospel life as exemplified by his "teddy-bearish" lovingness, his size-defying demeanor of humility, his beaming ebullience, his inspirational reverence, and his heart-sourced piety.

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and naïve back then… I thought all seminarians were pure as the driven snow--but Brannan and Kling were not!" He said the experience helped prepare him for his late-70s job as Dean of the Seminary.

Next, there was a brief business meeting that included election of trustees for the upcoming year. The following volunteers were unanimously elected: Mario Wagner, Pat Findley and Rick Gardner. Within a week, two others signed up: Pat Daly and Donn Wiley.

At the conclusion of the meeting it was announced that the chapter reunion for 2002 would be a return visit to New Mexico and Arizona. Fr. Larry and Fr. Berard said they were happy to hear this and willing to assist. Then our incoming President, Dave Imhoff, asked for a show of hands as to how many would be interested in the ultimate chapter reunion for 2003 to Italy, including Assisi and a neighboring country. A large number in attendance raised their hands to indicate interest in a 2003 trip to Europe.  Pace e Bene.

Following a short break, there was an award ceremony and remembrance service in the chapel.