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'75, Tom Shumate '77, Ted Gomez '72, Donn Wiley '76, and Mike Niklas '75 picked and grinned through several "oldies" from the 60's and 70's. Don Thalheimer, a talented percussionist, assembled a makeshift bongo drum from a cardboard box. Songs they played included La Bamba, Twist and Shout, My Best Friend's Girl, Bungle in the Jungle, Horse With No Name, and Sandman.

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a step. He has an ability to blend very competitive play with good sportsmanship. It had been a few decades since most of us had seen him play. He is still a remarkable athlete. We were reminded of his coaching skills when a young girl on his team swung at a ball and missed. He quickly said "Hey, that was a good swing," loud enough for her and anyone around to hear.

The volleyball game was not as evenly matched. The teams were led by Mark Clark '72 and Bill Pellman '52. Bill's team controlled the scoring and won by a score of 15-3. The team captain served the last 5 points. After his game-winning serve he had that familiar wide grin and a gleam in his eyes as he said, "That's just the way I remember it back then."

No picnic is complete without a water balloon toss. This contest was won by the Ketterer brothers, Tony '69 and David 71'. Afterward Tony was quick to point out that it was his throwing, and not David's catching that won the tournament. Sounds like that sibling rivalry is still going strong! Tony and David were awarded

official FAA t-shirts in recognition of their superior skills.

As the sun went down the fellowship continued into the night. Old friendships were renewed and new friendships were initiated. A bonfire was lit in one of the

The musicians were quite pleased with themselves until someone's daughter exclaimed, "Do you guys know anything modern?" In response they played the 1999 hit Time of Your Life plus a few remakes. Perhaps it's time to update the repertoire? The evening entertainment ended around midnight as the temperature dropped into the low 60's and dew began to settle on the guitars.

portable fire pits that had been used for the barbecue. A dozen blazing logs soon illuminated the area as the well fed crowd gathered around in chairs. With plenty of cool drinks and a cozy fire, all that was missing was-guitars! Instinctively, several alums disappeared into the darkness and returned from their vehicles with instruments. Mike Fritsch