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Established May 28th, 1989
Serving Provinces of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. John the Baptist

Volume 14, Issue 2

Fall 2002

Franciscan Alumni Association (FAA)
2002 Chapter in New Mexico

News in Brief

Inside this issue:

By Norb Garmann, Mario Wagner, Pat Findley and  Steve Findley

hanks for the great response to our appeal for funding of the newsletter and website!  We are once again in the black.

The Peace Garden restoration is nearly complete. It will be officially re-dedicated in June 2003 with a Mass and picnic in the garden area. The next issue of this newsletter will provide details of specific times and activities.

Fr. Jim Bok '65 and Ron Fein '62  have heard from many members who are interested in going on the tour of Italy in October 2003.  Contact Jim for more information:
513-721-4700 x 3216 or

Ron Fein has been receiving treatment  for cancer -- please keep him in your prayers.  The time away from work gave Ron the opportunity to surf the net and find many jokes that appear in this publication.  Thanks Ron!!

The guestbook of our website continues to grow.  Many alumni are finding us through the web and several have been signing in and writing about what's new in their lives.


he first event of the 2002 FAA chapter took place at the home of Al Lovato ('70) in northwest Albuquerque on Thursday, June 20, 2002. Approximately 40 alumni  plus family members were present.  Through the kindness of a neighboring church, Al had borrowed a large number of tables and chairs and transformed his yard into a pleasant shaded area with seating for all; thus, everybody was able to fully enjoy the catered meal that was generously provided by Joe Moya ('70). 
Many photo albums and packets of photos were circulated, and many memories renewed,

Joe and Gail Moya

particularly by the alumni from the classes of '52 and '72,  who were celebrating their 50th and 30th graduation anniversaries, respectively.  A split-the-pot drawing helped defray the Chapter expenses, with Bob Sandoval ('69) winning half the pot.  Bob declined to accept the money, so all the money went toward the

cost of the reunion.  Thanks, Bob!   Thanks, also, to Pat Daly ('76) and Norb Garmann ('52) who managed split-the-pot.

The evening was shortened somewhat by a high windstorm, later determined by Albuquerque weatherpersons to have been about 60 mph.  As paper plates and cups flew through the yard -- and trees and bushes whipped each other, most attendees headed back to the motel.  Despite that, it was a great evening of fun, food and reminiscing. Special thanks to Fr. Paul Juniet and his planning committee for getting the reunion off to a good start.

Class of '52