Class of '26 (click any picture to see larger image)


Photos courtesy of Ed Goulet '26

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The new seminary 5th class at old sem Fr Conrad - counselor and math teacher
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Fr Quentin (Al) Hauer in the wheelbarrow Buddy Flesch from Louisville Boarders at old sem
Goulet 2nd from rt in front
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In field behind new sem Jerry Davies at old sem Fr Ermin band leader at St Francis College
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Band at brand new seminary ?, ?, Bamburger, Flesch, Goulet, Coe, ?, and ? Ed Goulet & Fr Bennet Rothan
5th class "adopted" freshmen
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Goulet, Rothan, and ? Visitors' day picnic Straw Hat Day
Sweitzer, Knecteges, Goulet, Schmucky & Flesch
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Ed Goulet & Jerry Davies Louis (Buddy) Flesch Straw Hat Day
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Phil Ries at old sem "Bam" Bamburger Upper classmen at old sem
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Fr Hauer, ?, & Ed Goulet The Bunch Class of boarders, old sem
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Checkers game at new sem Boarders at old sem Boarder knuckleheads