The following items are offered for your enjoyment and to help raise money to pay for newsletters and good works of the Franciscan Alumni Association. They can be ordered by sending a check to:

Franciscan Alumni Association
St. Anthony Friary
5000 Colerain Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45223

Dsc00006.jpg (145894 bytes) T-shirts and polo shirts that bear our logo are now available. The logo is brown on a white shirt. Cost including shipping is $10 for a t-shirt and $20 for a polo shirt. Specify large or XL size. There's nothing on the back of the shirts--they're nice enough to wear to church. There's no year on them--so they'll never go out of style. They make great gifts, too. Write to to ask about a package price for your classmates--so you'll all look good for your next reunion.

Four different CDs are also available:

Ultima (Glee Club and stories told by Fr. Aubert) CD
Ultima II (more Glee Club) CD
Brown & White (magazines and videos) CD
Duns Scotus movies, SFS Rule Book/Student Handbook, and FAA web pictures CD

Each CD costs $10 (including shipping)