Brown & White / Glee Club CDs

(You can hear and see samples from the CD projects)

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The Franciscan archivist has all of the Brown & White magazines, and they're in first class shape! I recently spent several hours reading through the Brown & White issues that cover the years of my attendance - - but even more interesting were the articles and pictures of students from surrounding classes. I saw how the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors from my grad year grew up, as I read about their accomplishments and antics. I also saw how the men I only knew as seniors (from my freshman year) were scrawny little punks in their first years! I found Tom Cruise and Ron Glass... and then I went back to look up the Friars - - Aubert and others with hair! Lots of funny anecdotes from senior year write-ups.

We recently secured a perfect copy of all issues of the Brown & White magazines from the archives and we copied most of the articles and pictures into an Adobe Acrobat document on a CD. It's similar to the encyclopedias and other reference materials that are available on CDs. You can select a time period and browse the pictures and articles. Images can be copied and printed. We even added some movie clips. There's a cost associated with producing the CDs, but we think it's worth it to preserve these years of Franciscan history.
Are you interested in having your own copy of the Brown & Whites? If so, you can get one for $10 (cheap, includes shipping). Just send a check (payable to Mike Niklas) to
8055 Mill Road
Troy, OH 45373
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The seminary glee clubs have won many awards and entertained thousands of people over the years. Fortunately, they also made a record (which Fr. Aubert kept in mint condition). The Glee Club record has recently been converted to CD along with professional recordings from various alumni (e.g., Gregg Martinez, Joe Ebbeler, and Tom Shumate) and the "Ultima" and "Seminary Fight Song." A special bonus on the CD is a funny conversation among Fr. Aubert, Uncle Herman, and Aunt Florence that was taped following their 1974 trip through the Southwest. As with the Brown & White CD, we're making the Glee Club CD available to alumni for $10 (including shipping). You can get one by sending a check (payable to Mike Niklas) to
8055 Mill Road
Troy, OH 45373

Here's a comment from Paul Springer:
I have been enjoying the CD tremendously.  It is something very special to me for a couple of reasons:  I was in the glee club and Fr. Aubert was my cousin from Metamora.  Thus Uncle Herman and Aunt Florence were relatives, too.  Both my brother, Duane, class of '56 and I, class of '62, are alumni.  So that makes it clear that the LP was recorded sometime before June of '62.  It was recorded at the seminary in various places: the chapel, outside and in one of the rec rooms.  It was done by someone outside of the seminary.
As far as the solos, I can only remember a few on "Jimmy Brown":
The main solo was done by Frank Vanden Eynden of St. Bernard, class of '62
The three short solos in that song were: 1st (don't know), 2nd - me, and 3rd - Ron Glass of TV fame (class of '63).  I don't know who did the other solos, but I think "He's Got the Whole World" was a young guy from the class of '64.

record.jpg (19289 bytes)A second Glee Club CD has also been produced.  It features a few additional recordings from the 60's, several recordings from the glee clubs of the 70's, and more songs from talented alumni.  Click here for more information on Ultima II.