Franciscan Reunion in the Southwest

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The Franciscan Alumni Association hosts a reunion each year for anyone involved in any part of Franciscan formation (Provinces of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. John the Baptist). Even if you attended one of the schools or formation houses for a year, or part of a year, you are welcome to participate and rekindle old acquaintances or meet "brothers" with whom you share a common bond.


During the last week of June '99, many current and former members of OLG and SJB provinces assembled in Albuquerque, NM for reunions and vacations.  The landscape around Albuquerque was beautiful.

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New Mexico, the "land of enchantment," has much to offer: mountains, canyons, painted deserts, rivers, volcanoes, forests, museums, casinos, missions, arts/crafts, ancient ruins, rafting, horseback riding, golf, ballooning, and the birthplace of the atomic bomb (just for starters).

Phil and Deb Zepeda, Br. George, and their friend Maurits had "perhaps the vacation of a lifetime with adventures that spanned NM, CO, AZ and UT.  We camped the whole time and visited Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Gallup, Los Alamos, Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, Bandelier, Cochiti, and Four Corners.  We saw coyote, roadrunners, turkeys, mountain goats, snakes, lizards, vultures, hawks, eagles and an emu!"

Dave Imhoff and family visited an old classmate, Tony Lujan.  Tony cooked a "mild" Mexican meal that singed their taste buds.  Then they "hiked at the National Petroglyph Monument Park and saw neat drawings on the rocks from hundreds of years ago."

Many people spent a day sightseeing in Santa Fe:

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Al Lovato generously welcomed everyone on Thursday with an outdoor banquet at his beautiful adobe home.  Fathers Berard Doerger, Antonio Trujillo, and Paul Juniet were in attendance and reminisced with other alumni before and during the meal.  Shortly after the cobbler and ice cream dessert, Richard Inge's accordion and Ted Gomez's guitar accompanied Fr Paul on a Broadway medley.  The music continued into the night and ended with the Ultima, of course.  Asked how you know when to sing the Ultima, someone commented that it is begun by someone who is tired, because when the song is finished the party's over and you can go home.

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Click here for Fr Berard's comment on Hank Rethlake's rule book. You can also hear Gregg Martinez singing the Lord's Prayer (from the final Mass on Sunday). The audio clips are provided here in MP3 format. MP3 reduces file size and download time. You can get a free MP3 player from Winamp.

Here are a few more familiar faces: Steve, Doris & John Findley; Gene Lucero; Marge & Mario Wagner; Richard Inge, and Todd O'Connell.

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