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Picnic Day 2001

Where in the World Is..?

We're going back to the farm in 2001. The June 22-23 Chapter (reunion) will happen on the grounds of the former St. Francis Seminary in Cincinnati, Ohio. Alumni Board member Charlie Bullington has obtained permission to use various facilities on the premises, including the gym, picnic house, Peace Garden, and ball fields. Donn Wiley ('76) and Pat Findley ('74) are in charge of the Friday evening cookout, Picnic Day events, and bonfire. In addition to marshmallows, they plan to roast some of their classmates.

On Saturday, there will be tours of the old seminary building, hiking in the woods, our own Mass in the chapel, dinner, and entertainment. This is just an outline of the plan so far--but the dates are firm. We hope you'll be able to fit this fun-filled weekend into your schedule. If you want to help with the reunion, please contact  Charlie (,
Donn (, or
Pat (

It looks like there will be at least 200 people in attendance--what a party, er "Picnic Day!"

In order to help clean up the alumni database and get accurate mailings to classes hitting a 5-year milestone in 2001, we'd like to ask all readers to help us locate the following people.  If you know of a good mailing or email address for any of the people listed below, please forward the address to Dave Imhoff.  Dave's email address is and his mailing address is 5436 Lea Hill Drive, Huntington WV  25705.  The address lists will help you set up reunions and keep in touch.

Joe Kennerly '46
Robert Owen'46
Norbert Tiemeyer '46
Jerry Ariganello '56
? Begay '56
Tom Bishop '56
Nelson Bitsui '56
Thomas Brausch '56
James Canaday '56
? Debbrecht '56
Dan Donart '56
? Fitzpatrick '56
Philip Frederick '56
Filipo Gallegos '56
Martin Gallegos '56
Joe Gavin '56
Philip Gensler '56
Richard Gold '56
? Gomez '56
Russell Grebner '56
Jean Guevremont '56
Bob Jones '56
? Keller '56
? Martinez '56
John McAlear '56
Thomas McGlynn '56
William Meyer '56
Kenneth Nordmeyer '56
Robert Overman '56
James Pranger '56
? Reynolds '56
Jack Salts '56
Michael Andrykiewicz '61
Alfredo Baca '61
David Brotz '61
Leonard Budai '61
Salvador Chavez '61
Martin Close '61
Thomas Connors '61
Wayne Cruthirds '61
John Duhaime '61
John Basanese '66
Paul Buening '66
William Clark '66
Ronald Cochran '66

Tom Emmons '66
Russell Fox '66
David Genevay '66
Louis Gomez '66
Dennis Gramman '66
Cornelius Halsmer '66
James Harris '66
Daniel Houlihan '66
John Isbell '66
Paul Jacobs '66
Michael Joines '66
Thomas Juliani '66
Robert Keller '66
James Kennedy '66
David King '66
Laurance Krueger '66
David Labrec '66
Paul Legge '66
John Liedhegner '66
David Macias '66
Lawrence Miller '66
Burke Minnehan '66
Bruce Nisse '66
Rodney Patten '66
Gary Powell '66
Thomas Quinn '66
Glenn Richards '66
Franklin Ross '66
Michael Rusk '66
Richard Sakasitz '66
John Scanlon '66
Michael Sella '66
William Slansky '66
John Stachler '66
Raymond Staley '66
Ronald Staley '66
Timothy Staley '66
Edward Suina '66
Thomas Sullivan '66
Francis Valdez '66
James Weber '66
Thomas Wood '66
Ronald Wroblewski '66
John Zint '66

Daniel Burgess '71
David Coffman '71
James Connor '71
John Hauptman '71
Terrence Morbach '71
Jeff Roth '71
John Sagel '71
Rafael Sciullo '71
Michael Smethers '71
Eugene Victor '71
Robert Ange '76
James Bergmann '76
Michael Dowling '76
Thomas Feldhaus '76
Timothy Fogarty '76
Brian Harper '76
James Holechko '76
Dale Hoyt '76
Alvin Juanico '76
Joseph Kuntz '76
Gino McGowens '76
James Merz '76
Gene Mixtacki '76
David Quintana '76
Wayne Reising '76
Laurence Ridgley '76
Jeffrey Rogg '76
Tom Rosenbauer '76
Richard Stover '76
Vincent Urban '76
Timothy Wood '76
Matthew Crockett '81
Michael Ellis '81
Paul Griesser '81
John Hiles '81
John Knue '81
Stephen Lebrun '81
Joseph Lynch '81
Phillip Martinez '81
James Metzger '81
Mike Ruiz '81
Michael Russell '81
Allen Sanchez '81
Mark Shumate '81
Mark Stephens '81
Joseph Bach '86

Treasurer's Two Cents

The Franciscan Alumni Association treasury retains all aspects of our Franciscan ideals, having met all fiscal demands as they occurred while maintaining our non-profit status under every measurable level of poverty, Federal ceilings included.  I.e., we did some good and we ain't rolling in dough.
We were blessed to be able to assist the St. Michael's Youth Club pilgrimage to Rome with a total of $1,000.  It was a worthwhile cause and our way of saying thanks for letting us use the Southfield, Michigan parish facility for the June 2000 Chapter (reunion).  The alumni association similarly helped out the youth group that prepared the dinner for our 1999 Chapter in New Mexico and the Franciscan Archives.
We humbly thank all our benefactors who graciously continue to make this fraternal, charitable organization's existence viable.  Happy holidays to all and a blessed Christmas.