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Duns Scotus Today

Duns Scotus is no longer a Franciscan college.  It is owned and operated by a Christian group that appears to be taking very good care of the building and grounds.  They've even constructed a large addition on one side. 

Just before the property was sold, a local group arranged to have the buildings declared a historic site.  This means that various statues of saints and insignias which adorn the exterior cannot be removed.  (Hurrah!)

Duns Scotus College

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Bremer and Rick Kasper.  Representing the class of '69 were Bernie Schwartz and Phil Kapraun.  Since Henry was preparing to go to Jamaica, most conversations tended to end with 'mon' to help him get used to the Jamaican lingo.  Many years ago, there was a Brown & White magazine article entitled "Henry Goes to the Seminary."  Someone proposed that it's time for a sequel: "Henry Goes to Ja

maica."   What next?  "Fr. Beck Goes to Washington" or "Henry on the Road to Morocco"?  All seriousness aside, Henry's going to be working very hard between beach tanning sessions and Piņa Coladas. Since not too many other customers were in the restaurant, the boisterous festivities didn't get the gang kicked out of the place.   Even though some of the group had not seen one another for many years, their brotherhood was clearly evident.