"It's Still Saint Francis Seminary to Me"

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On October 28th, the Franciscan Alumni Association held its quarterly board meeting in the former study hall of the building-formerly-known-as-Saint-Francis-Seminary.  Most of the current board members (guys who bring you newsletters, reunions and a website) plus a few guests were treated to a tour of the new facility.

We were expecting a "structured, guided tour," but to our pleasant surprise we were free to pry into every crevice and cranny of the place--which we did!  In fact, nothing was locked up or off limits: cloister, priests' dining room, bell tower, kitchen, and attic. 

The outside appearances of the school, gym, garage, and sisters' house are essentially unchanged...

The chapel and lobbies have been dusted off and spruced up a bit...

The same bell still hangs in the tower.

Classrooms, dormitories, refectory, half of study hall, the library, bowling alley, biology lab, cloister, and first floor offices have all been converted into apartments that include kitchen and bath.  Most are occupied and there is a waiting list for other apartments that will be built in the kitchen and in separate cottages that will range from the tennis court area to Springdale Road and into the woods.  An additional pond will be dug.            (Click here to continue)